Whitening And Rejuvenation

Pigments under the skin can, over time, become uneven and cause the skin tone to appear uneven, at times there may even be development of undesirable spots. To improve the pigmentation conditions, usage of rejuvenation products and sunblock protection is highly recommended.

Soothing Moisture Toner
Refreshing mist of water, age-fighting vitamins, soothing, emollient herbs and a unique complex of moisture-binding humectants that magnetize moisture between skin cells. Works instantly. It remains on the skin long after the mist has dried to office continual moisture protection. It is excellent for skin that requires more than the usual moisturizer.

Beauty C Serum
This active Vitamin C serum is hydra-stabilized L-ascorbic acid, and also rich in amino acids, which help, reduce the visible signs of photo aging by helping to fight destructive free radicals. In addition, the skin acquires important protection from damaging ultra-violet rays. These productive function result in re-textured, toned, and younger looking skin.

Pigment Lightening Complex
The usage of this product is to lighten pigmentation.

Night Complex
The usage of this product is to reduce unwanted pigmentation by gently peeling the top layer of facial dead cells.