DSC Crystal Hydro Lift injections

Dread getting old?  Fine lines and wrinkles seem to just get more and more prominent as time goes on.  Not quite like a few years ago, right?  That’s a form of aging mixed with dehydration of the skin.  As dehydration happens, the epidermis performs its protective role to create a thick layer of cuticle and pigment to resist external pressure.  The thicker the cuticle, the more difficult for the regular skin care products to penetrate through to help moisturize the skin.  How can we get rid of this dry and dull layer of armor and regain our supple and soft skin?

DSC has developed the perfect solution for you – DSC Crystal Hydro Lift injections.  This procedure cleanses, moisturizes, tightens and tones the skin leaving it glowing and younger looking.

The result is reduced fine lines, improved elasticity and exceptionally moisturized skin.  Hydrated skin is younger looking skin.  DSC Crystal Hydro Lift promotes exfoliation of the skin which increases cell turnover.  This treatment is suitable for all skin types except for those with sensitive, active, and severe acne.


Is the procedure safe?

Yes. Mild injection related reactions such as pin-prick marks and redness sometimes occur, but will usually disappear by the following day and can be concealed by makeup.  Occasionally, mild bruising may occur, but this will resolve in a few days.


Is there any downtime?

There is only minimal downtime involved which one to three days after the procedure.


What is the procedure like?

First, you will undergo a consultation to discuss and address your specify needs.  Second, topical lidocaine will be applied to ensure maximum comfort for your actually treatment.  Third and final, the injections are administered. A facial mask is applied to sooth the skin. The whole procedure takes approximately an hour.


What can I expect after the treatment?

Instantly, you will notice that your wrinkles have improved and that your face is more contoured and subtly lifted. These improvements continue over time as the injection further stimulates more collagen production.  After 2 to 3 weeks, you will find that your skin is firmer with better texture, more hydrated with less surface roughness, and more elastic.


How long do the effects of the Crystal Hydro Lift last?

DSC Crystal Hydro Lift lasts about a few months.  Maintenance is needed.  The doctor will advise you on when you should repeat the procedure.


What  types of treatments work best with DSC Crystal Hydro Lift?

Skin-tightening procedures such as Ultherapy and Thermage are great compliments to the injection procedure.   Last but not least, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a great addition to heighten Anti-aging effects under professional medical procedures.


DSC Crystal Hydro Lift is suitable for most clients. Please call us at 626-285-0800 for a complimentary consultation to allow us to plan for you!