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Diamond Glow

Diamond Glow is a non-invasive, medical-grade facial treatment using a small tool that benefits your skin in three ways: It sucks up dead skin cells and dirt to remove impurities, while also exfoliating and infusing skin with customized serums that revitalize it. The aesthetician creates the serums by using blends made specifically for your needs, with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C.

It’s also a great alternative to microdermabrasion thanks to how well it exfoliates, extracts, and infuses your skin cells. The combination of exfoliation and infusion at the same time means that the serums can penetrate the skin much more deeply and effectively than if they were applied separately. It’s completely painless and feels like a tiny, wet vacuum running over your face. Plus, it’s great for all skin types.


What results will you see?
Diamond Glow is super hydrating and could give your skin up to 70 percent more volume, creating an Instagram filter-type glow. You might also notice fewer fine lines, wrinkles, and redness, as well as improvements to any hyper-pigmentation, dehydrated skin, enlarged pores, and even blemishes. Basically, it improves the skin’s overall appearance and texture. It is also called the “ideal red-carpet facial,” since it provides instant and long-term improvements to your skin.
When will you see the results?
The short answer is that you will see results immediately after treatment. You’ll have glowing, plump, even skin, which feels unusually and satisfyingly clean. Optimal results will be seen about two days later. But as with any facial, the best results will occur from going on a regular basis, typically once a month.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and painless glow up, Diamond Glow is your best bet. This 30-minute treatment does more for the skin than your classic facial, and best of all; there’s no downtime – you can walk straight out of the treatment room and into a party with no one the wiser.

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