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Our mission at DSC Laser & Skin Care Center is to serve our clients and our community in the best way possible. We appreciate the unwavering support, and we will continue to remain a Center of Excellence in cosmetic surgery/dermatology and anti-aging research.

At DSC, we enhance beauty with a three-dimensional, multi-faceted plan to ensure a superior outcome. All treatment options are performed by a well-trained and professional staff, with an utmost concern regarding the well-being and satisfaction of our clients.


At DSC, our board-certified doctor has over 30 years of experience. He has been the guest speaker at conferences around the globe for 20 years and has developed a number of innovations in minimal and non-invasive procedures in the field of cosmetic dermatology. He is well-regarded by leading laser companies and is actively working on FDA clinical trials for new treatments.


Our doctor constantly participates in exchanges at international conferences and has been a key leader in creating new innovations and improved outcomes in common procedures. We are committed to frequent updates in technology for the betterment of our clients. The experience accumulated becomes a strong foundation for a smooth integration of all these new technologies. Our staff receives weekly updates and education in the latest developments, as well as analysis of our own protocols for the best outcome for all clients.


Our clients can expect the best results from our treatments. With constant updates and feedback, we are determined to deliver our best. With many years of practice and constant innovations, we strive to further improve our clients’ satisfaction. This includes minimizing pain and recovery time. We emphasize natural beauty with minimal side effects, and we encourage nutritional changes to complement our treatments. Synergistic benefits result from this customed approach. Monthly free online educations are offered to our clients, too, and all clients should expect services with personal attention.

Social distancing is not a problem because we are constantly cyber-connected. Our goal is long-term relationships with all our clients, and we will try our utmost to achieve that goal. We feel that superior satisfaction to our services is the cornerstone to our success.

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