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Lutronic LaseMD ULTRA

Lutronic LaseMD ULTRA, dramatically different from traditional resurfacing lasers, is a 1927 thulium laser that rebuilds glowing, healthy skin through gentle, non-ablative fractionated treatments. With treatments that are tunable from mild to aggressive and extremely cost-effective, Lutronic LaseMD ULTRA offers customised outcomes with virtually no downtime for all patients, all year round. Suitable for rejuvenating skin tone and texture, fine lines, smoothing enlarged pores, and treating age spots (lentigines), sunspots (solar lentigines), freckles (ephelides), actinic keratoses, dyschromia, or other benign pigmented lesions. Lutronic LaseMD ULTRA is an impressive upgrade to the Lutronic LaseMD laser with an additional 8 watts of power and pairs beautifully with various topicals like Vitamin C, Tranexamic Acid, or antioxidants for even better results.
Lutronic LaseMD Ultra uses the Cosmeceutical Delivery System to heat the deep tissue of the skin through the principle of non-invasive energy, open the skin microchannels, and allow the Multi-Nanosome Granulated Technology to quickly penetrate into different skin layers. The bottom of the muscle replenishes moisture and stimulates the proliferation of collagen and elastin, effectively repairing the natural barrier on the skin surface, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and making the skin firm. Moreover, the LaseMD treatment is completely pain-free, and it only takes 20 minutes to make the skin look younger by 5 years.
Applicable to: anti-wrinkle and wrinkle removal, even skin tone, improve dullness, drive away various pigmentation spots, etc., repair UV damage, inject elasticity into the skin, and improve the underlying nutrient loss.
Exclusively designed Multi-Nanosome Granulated Technology:

  • VC ampoule (Vitamin A): The strongest natural antioxidant
  • TA ampoule (Tranexamic Acid Whitening Serum): Medically proven to inhibit skin pigmentation and treat hormonal spots
  • SC ampoule (Stem Cell Growth Factor): Helps youthful skin
LaseMD is mainly used to improve skin texture, brighten complexion, fight blemishes, and restore youthful skin. Because the process is gentle, it is safe to use even on tanned skin, suitable for all skin types.

Lutronic LaseMD ULTRA Treatment in Los Angeles, CA

If you are seeking skin rejuvenation, it is important to look at the novel and seamless solutions like the Lutronic LaseMD ULTRA. This is a non-fractional laser treatment that can provide quick and fantastic results.

This is an advanced technology that is known for its state-of-the-art elements that enhance and rejuvenate your skin.

When patients seek options for uneven skin tone, skin rejuvenation, and those with minimal downtime, they will turn to Lutronic LaseMD ULTRA treatments.

Whether dealing with pores, problems with wrinkles, or pigmentation matters, remember that LaseMD ULTRA offers a targeted solution. The targeted nature of this technology is why more people appreciate it and will use it for their various needs. It provides an essential difference as it allows more individuals to focus on specific problem areas without causing issues to the other skin surface.

Book an appointment today if you are looking for a customizable treatment to promote and foster healthy skin.

What You Need To Know about Lutronic LaseMD ULTRA

The aesthetic laser technology industry continues to obtain more investments as more industry participants aim to increase their efforts to be innovative. Patients can benefit from innovations like non-ablative fractional laser treatments that promote healthy skin as they continue to innovate.

This is where the Lutronic LaseMD ULTRA comes into the picture.

The Lutronic Ultra laser from the LaseMD is known for its resurfacing aspects and its revolutionary fractional laser device. The key element of this particular technology is that it is quite targeted.

It is targeted and quite precise because of its design. It has a seamless design that comes with a display that provides regular and trustworthy feedback to bring about great results. To elaborate further, remember that the LaseMD ULTRA offers the ability to renovate and restore skin in some cases in just one treatment.

The other fantastic aspect of this gentle treatment is that it can provide deeper treatment and provide overall skin rejuvenation.

At dscbeauty, we are pleased to work with you on your specific needs. Our team will understand your situation, look if there are multiple treatment areas, and then move forward with LaseMD ULTRA treatment if that is the treatment that works best for your skin.

How Does LaseMD ULTRA Help?

If you are looking for assistance with various skin issues, you can rely on this non-ablative fractional laser treatment. Let us look at how LaseMD ULTRA can help you with your skin needs.

  • A broad range of hyperpigmentation problems

  • Spots on your face

  • Types of Keratosis

  • Certain lesions

Individuals appreciate the fact that LaseMD ULTRA will help with aspects that range from fighting aging to bringing about a fantastic complexion and a healthy skin tone.

How does the LaseMD ULTRA Treatment Work?

It is a device that will conduct coverage over a specific area. Patients might wonder how it feels. The treatment is not extremely painful at all, and thankfully, it is a quick treatment. Professionals note that the treatment takes place in under ten minutes.

If it is a more comprehensive treatment covering more aspects of the body besides the face, it can be about half an hour to conduct the treatment. Due to the lack of extreme pain, professionals will not provide anesthesia.

What is fantastic about this treatment is that you can be pleased that it has minimal downtime in addition to a glowing complexion and brighter skin tone. This means that you can return to your life right after the treatment and move forward with your regular activities.

Why Do Patients Take Advantage of This Treatment?

Patients take advantage of this LaseMD treatment to obtain a smooth texture and to have anti-aging benefits.

At the same time, remember that this technology works across a spectrum of skin types. Patients understand that it works fast and that they can see results quite quickly.

It is applicable on the face, neck, and chest, and providers can implement a customized treatment plan for the best results.

Is This Treatment for Everyone?

This treatment works on all skin types and is suitable for just about anyone who wants to achieve younger-looking, glowing skin.

What are the expected results, and how long do they last?

There is normally some redness immediately after treatment, but it is normally gone by the next day. A more aggressive treatment may require slightly more recovery time. Once the redness is gone, clients often see immediate and long-lasting results. Many of our clients see significant results within a few days. At Rosewood, our staff would be delighted to talk to you about the number of treatments you may need to see striking results!


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