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Plexr Plus

Plexr Plus: Non-invasive Surgery with Plasma Technology

Plasma technology was conceived and developed by GMV, a company with over 10 years of experience in plasma technology. This was the first plasma device in the world used in aesthetic medicine, and it is internationally patented. Applications of Plexr Plus involve different medical disciplines, including: dermatology, aesthetic medicine, oculoplasty, dentistry, and gynecology. The methodology and application protocols are constantly developed in collaboration with key opinion leaders and prestigious universities in both Italy and around the world. The results are published in scientific research and peer-reviewed journal.

Through its three headpieces, whose outputs are optimized so that an ad-hoc signal can be delivered depending on the specific treatment, Plexr Plus ionizes the air present between its terminal and the epidermis, generating a radius of micro-plasma.

Plexr Plus is suitable for many medical areas and can work both on the mucosa and on the epidermis. Technology and design make it very easy to use. The level of pain perceived by the patient is extremely low and does not require any anesthesia in most cases, though we can use a slight local anesthetic if necessary. Recovery times are also very fast. International scientific studies prove its efficacy and safety.

Plexr Plus

Plexr Plus Laser Treatment

This approach makes sense for a wide variety of people. Many different individuals will want to choose this laser treatment because they do not want to undergo invasive surgical cosmetic procedures. Why would one want to take a more invasive approach when non-surgical blepharoplasty is present within the world today?

Thanks to the advent of modern technology and innovative people who want to keep pushing the boundaries, more individuals can leave invasive surgery at bay and obtain valuable treatments that matter to them.

They can do so without having to go through more levels of stress that come with the various invasive surgery options out there.

Thanks to PLEXR and its laser treatment options, individuals can still aim to improve their loose skin and overall look and go on about their lives in a more seamless manner.

Here is what you need to know about PLEXR plus and how the treatment varies depending on your needs.

Plasma Technology and the PLEXR Treatment

The Plexr Plus treatment brings about more fantastic options for improving their overall look in the skin department. It is exciting because the non-surgical blepharoplasty aspect and the innovative plasma technology help with fine lines and more.

What does it target?

It targets skin that is considered loose, and it can deal with issues such as wrinkles found in your eye region. People appreciate this treatment because it will remove these issues and help you enhance your overall appearance.

Before this treatment came about, patients would wonder how many treatments they would need and the extent of the invasive surgery they would need to undergo to fix the issue. Instead of extensive plastic surgery that could take quite a bit out of individuals, they can take advantage of a plasma eyelift.

Professionals can move past the difficulties of previous solutions and provide a better experience to the customer. Further, we know that it is proven to a certain extent because doctors in England have been relying on it to make their lives easier and that of their patients. These medical professionals have invested their time and energy into using this treatment for over six years now as it has been in use since early or mid-2014.

It is certainly revolutionary because it has a large advantage over laser treatments and still serves as an effective solution. It has helped various cosmetic professionals genuinely improve their services and offer this treatment in addition to a simple tightening treatment and other services they might provide.

These Laser Treatments Are Viable and Sustainable for Many Different People

Did you know that professionals will use this treatment for issues that range from skin lesions, stretch marks, and similar problems that we may see on our faces?

Remember that it works by removing the unnecessary and unpleasant tissue present on your face. The process is known as sublimation, where these issues are converted into a different matter. It can feel as if you see quite a bit of result in a few minutes. It is because this is a more fast-acting treatment process. It does so because of its tissue focus.

What is fantastic about the treatment is that there is no need for harm because it does not use excessive heat or produce it in the dermis region. There is no collateral damage, and the fact that it works in only a few minutes is what makes it quite compelling.

Plexr Plus Is Suitable When Performing Treatments

Plexr Plus is suitable for many medical areas and can work both on the mucosa and the epidermis. Technology and design make it very easy to use. The level of pain perceived by the patient is extremely low and does not require any anesthesia in most cases, though we can use a slight local anesthetic if necessary. Recovery times are also very fast.


International scientific studies prove its efficacy and safety. It is known to be a safe procedure, and our professionals will be hereafter the procedure as well. Feel free to contact us if you see common and natural side effects like superficial dots that may last for a week after the treatment.

This revolutionary procedure is one of the best non-surgical procedures because of its tissue retraction catalysts and helps with skin imperfections. The fact that the results can be immediately visible is why this is preferable to other treatments.

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What is Plexr Plus for?
By using Plexr Plus, it is possible to intervene on a number of skin imperfections. In particular, it works by performing treatments for the removal of benign neoformations and elastic retraction treatments, thus generating skin lifting.
How much time does it require treatment?
The duration of the treatment varies depending on the type of operation to be performed, but we never spend more than 30 minutes, which is the time required for non-surgical blepharoplasty. Other treatments, such as the removal of a seborrheic keratosis, require only a few minutes.
How many treatments are required to see the result?
The results are immediately visible and absolutely lasting over time. For some types of treatment, more than one session may be necessary to maximize the effectiveness of the result.
Does it hurt?
The treatment is practically painless, but if the patient is particularly sensitive, a small amount of anesthetic cream can be applied to the part to be treated 30 minutes before the operation.

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