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Are skin imperfections bothering you, giving away your age, or making you look older than you actually are? Say hello to DSC’s new Picosecond Laser Technology. We can help you say goodbye to skin imperfection for good.


This technology allows for the fast and effective treatment of benign pigmented lesions and all treatable tattoo colors. Achieving a more youthful appearance without the typical discomfort and downtime is now possible with a Pico laser.


What is Pico Laser?

The pico laser is the fastest laser that treats most skin imperfections, such as age spots, sun spots, melasma, and acne scars. Pico technology offers the most advanced laser treatment that is proven to be faster, safer, and highly effective than other treatments in its class for selectively destroying skin discolorations, lesion marks, as well as treatable tattoo inks. 

Pico laser also works effectively at promoting elastin production. At the same time, the procedure contributes to boosting collagen production as well. Together, enhanced levels of elastin and collagen tighten and improve your skin. In turn, you can enjoy a healthier, smoother, and younger appearance that glows free of any imperfections.

Its ultra-high specification can achieve the optimal photomechanical effect – which helps to increase the speed at which the laser shatters tattoo pigments particles. Ultimately, this helps to reduce the number of treatments necessary.

How Does Pico Laser Work?

The Pico laser is a non-surgical and non-invasive laser skin treatment that can focus on specific problem areas in multiple areas on the body and not just the face. It is a revolutionary technology that delivers ultra-short pulses of energy (but not heat) to target problem areas, creating an intense impact that shatters the target skin pigment or particles that are easily eliminated by the body.

As Pico laser delivers intense pulses of energy, it is gentle to the outer layer of skin. Patients only feel mild to no discomfort during treatment as Pico does not ablate or burn off the outer layer of skin. This is a quick procedure with minimal discomfort and with minimal downtime. Your skin will be red for the remainder of the day but will be nearly back to normal the next day.

This helps you steer clear from significant pain or discomfort. At the same time, the procedure delivers stunning results that help you achieve your ideal appearance.


Pico Laser Works Wonders Against Tattoos

Pico laser’s ultra-high specification can achieve the optimal photomechanical effect. This helps with increasing the speed at which the laser treatment shatters tattoo ink particles. Ultimately, this helps to reduce the number of treatments necessary for tattoo removal. This is possible by how pico laser releases high laser energy deep into your skin, which affects tattoo pigments from within instead of the surface.

This approach of internally breaking down tattoo pigments may sound strenuous. But it does not cause any undue stress to your appearance or your physical comfort. On the contrary, it eliminates any massive side effects, such as intense pain associated with many other tattoo removal approaches. That is why pico laser often stands apart due to its purpose of tattoo removal.


What Can You Expect From a Pico Laser Treatment?

A pico laser treatment is a quick procedure with minimal discomfort and with minimal downtime. You will require three to four treatments about three to four weeks apart. Your skin will be red for the remainder of the day but will be nearly back to normal the next day. The breakdown of pigment induces collagen production for skin rejuvenation and improvement of acne scars.


It is also important to note that pico laser treatments are done within minutes, while follow-up treatments are performed in at least four-week intervals. Pico lasers have become the new gold standard for treating melasma and pigment. This may be the most powerful laser for pigmentation as more energy can be delivered in very short time intervals. At the same time, the procedure’s targeted approach ensures that only minimal collateral skin damage may occur.


The Procedure Puts Your Comfort Front and Center

At DSC Beauty, our number one priority is to put your comfort above anything else. This approach guides us to ensure that you are completely confident in getting your cosmetic procedures and the results you can obtain. This also holds true with pico laser, where this modern treatment achieves your ideal outcome without compromising your comfort or day-to-day activities.


With this idea in mind, our specialists make it a point to describe to you what pico laser is and how it works in the first place. This initial consultation also includes an examination of your skin as well as your concerns or target areas. Seeing what pico laser does in terms of results, this detailed consultation helps us determine whether it is the right procedure for you.




What Conditions Does Pico Laser Treatment Work On?

Pico laser and its high target approach work on skin pigmentation issues as well as permanent tattoo particles. At the same time, its ability to induce elastin and collagen growth also helps you attain a youthful appearance. In other words, pico laser can remove various markings or imperfections from your skin while also helping you appear younger.


When you discuss with a doctor what pico laser is and how pico laser works, the conditions that the treatment works upon also become clearer to understand.


Pico laser is ideal for indications that include but are not limited to:


  • Acne scars.
  • Hyperpigmentation.
  • Inflammatory pigmentation.
  • Dark spots or age spots.
  • Sunspots or sun damage.
  • Tattoos.


If you have any of these indications, pico laser treatment can be the right treatment for you. But to determine if the treatment is perfect for your concerns, you need to hold a detailed consultation with an expert.



Pico Laser Can Be Applied to Any Area of Your Body

Once you learn what pico laser does in treating pigmentation, acne scarring, and tattoo removal, the treatment may seem ideal for treating concerns all over your body. Indeed, from acne scars to pigmented lesions and sun damage, we are sure that our pico laser treatments can have an added improved effect on your skin.

The best part? This is entirely possible because pico laser is just as flexible in its application as it is in its benefits. Through pico laser’s specification qualities, you can safely target any area of your body without having to worry about intensive discomfort during or after the treatment.

This means that you can get pico laser treatment for all areas of your body, including but not limited to:


  • Arms
  • Shoulders
  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • Thighs
  • Legs


From age spots to unwanted tattoos, the treatment can be easily adjusted to what you want. You can also undergo treatment for different areas of your body within the same session. This also helps you minimize the time between seeing full results for other areas of concern.


There is Minimal Downtime Involved With the Process

Traditional laser therapy for aging issues or tattoo removal is often associated with significant downtime. This refers to the period of rest that you need due to the treatment’s side effects, such as discomfort or pain. But with pico laser treatment, you can rest assured that you don’t have to hit a pause on your professional or personal activities for a long time.


Whether you get the treatment over your face or any other area of your body, you can expect mild to no discomfort. It is common for the skin to seem red for about a day after the treatment. However, this effect typically goes away on its own without causing considerable pain.


If you were intrigued by the effects that pico laser brings to the table, this quality further adds to your confidence to get the treatment for yourself. In case you have any further questions, you can discuss them with a qualified expert. This personalized consultation allows you to alleviate your worries while also helping you resolve your aesthetic concerns.


At DSC Beauty, our seasoned experts specialize in performing pico laser treatment for several issues. Whether you want to defy age spots or bid farewell to a past tattoo choice, our solutions are a call away.

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Pico Discovery


How does the DiscoveryPICO work?

When the laser light is being absorbed by the pigmented lesions, the light will vibrate and break the pigment into the smallest particles, in thin “dust” form. As compared to the traditional Q-switch Nanosecond YAG laser, the DiscoveryPICO machine works in ultrashort picosecond pulses which is 100x shorter pulse duration than in nanosecond. The tiny particles will then be easily eliminated by the body immune system.

How long does each treatment take?

Treatment time depends on the size of the tattoo or pigmented lesions and the number of colours (multi-colour tattoo require multiple passes using different laser colours). The majority of treatments are completed within 5 minutes for a small to medium black tattoo to 10-30 minutes for a medium-sized, multi-colour tattoo.

Are there any side effects?

PICO toning by DiscoveryPICO is safe as it works on a specific wavelength to target the pigmentation selectively, leaving the surrounding areas undamaged. After the treatment, the area may turn red and swell. However, it will subside in several hours. The laser machine has an unique feature, whereby the photothermal effect enables collagen rebuilding, making the skin brighter and firmer.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of treatment sessions required for every patient is different. This is because the number of treatment sessions is dependent on a few factors: skin color and type, size of tattoo, color and density of the tattoo/ pigmented lesions, individual’s health condition. Every tattoo is unique. The number of treatment sessions depends on a number of factors: location, depth, colour, density of the tattoo/ pigments inks, and your skin type. Generally, 5 to 10 treatment sessions, 4-6 weeks apart, are required to see the optimal results. Your doctor will give you a much better evaluation after seeing how the tattoo/pigment responds after the first treatment.

What do I do for aftercare?

We will sometimes see small areas of pin-point bleeding and occasionally small blisters may form. The treated area may itch for several weeks after treatment and your skin may feel dry and flaky. Apply cold air or ice pack to soothe the treated area and antibiotic ointment to avoid possible inflammation. You can use a fragrance-free, perfume-free moisturizer cream on the area. You should also have sunscreen protection on the treated area during the period. It is best recommended to leave your skin without any make-up for a few days. Some ingredients in the cosmetics may clog your pores, and not allowing your skin to breathe or heal properly over time.


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