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Dysport® is a popular wrinkle injection and cosmetic procedure that has helped many combat the signs of aging by removing wrinkles from their faces.

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Are Dsyport® injections safe ?
Dysport® has been widely used throughout the world and has proven to be highly safe and reliable. With the exception of pregnancy, asthma conditions, and those with central nervous system disease, this effective cosmetic procedure is suitable for most users.
What common side effects can I expect from using Dysport® ?
All medications have some side effects. With Dsyport® the side effects are generally very mild. Temporary bruising at the injection site is the most common side effect. Some people may notice a temporary weakness of muscles or discomfort. However, since the effects of Dysport® are reversible, any side effects are temporary and won’t last longer than a couple of weeks.
How is the Dsyport® treatment performed and how long do the effects last ?
Dysport® is mostly used between the eyebrows, on the forehead, and the crow’s feet area. Other off label uses include temporary relief of overactive sweat glands on the palm and the underarm regions, and the slimming of the cheeks and calves.

The effects of the wrinkle injections can last up to four months after the first time. As the site receives more injections, the effect will grow to last as long as six to eight months. Treatment can be repeated indefinitely to achieve long last results.

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