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Keep your skin in shape all throughout the colder months with DSC’s winter skincare tips!

1. Switch cleansers

If your cleanser is leaving your skin feeling stripped or dry, consider switching to a creamy cleanser or an oil-based cleanser. While gel consistencies or super foamy cleansers feel great in the summer months, a more hydrating cleanser is optimal in the winter. Look for cleansers with ceramides, oats, and other nourishing ingredients.

Consider cleansing, showering, & washing hands with warm to lukewarm water. Very hot water, which may feel soothing in the moment, can contribute to even dryer skin.

Follow immediately with other skincare for best results.

2. Apply humectants to damp skin

Humectants are skincare ingredients that bind water to the skin. Some common examples include hyaluronic acid, sodium lactate, and glycerin. In order to have the best effect, toners, serums, and other humectant-containing products should be applied to damp skin. Product also spreads more evenly on damp skin.

Applying products directly to the face rather than to the hands can help prevent product waste. Dry hands may unnecessarily absorb product.

3. Change up your moisturizer

Switch to a moisturizer with a thicker-consistency for dry, cold weather. Moisturizers with more emollient ingredients or thicker consistencies layered over serums work synergistically and nourish the skin better than either applied alone.

Don’t forget the skin on your body! Apply thick moisturizers to dryness-prone areas like the heels, elbows, & legs immediately after bathing on damp skin to keep skin supple.

4. Apply occlusives to seal moisture in

For very dehydrated skin, consider applying occlusives as a final layer to prevent transepidermal water loss, or TEWL. Common occlusive ingredients include beeswax, petrolatum, lanolin, or silicones which form a barrier over the skin. Strong wind or extremely cold weather can sap moisture from the skin, so occlusives helps prevent water loss from the skin. Overnight sleeping products can also be used to seal in prior skincare. If breakouts are a concern, make sure to cleanse well after using occlusives in order to make sure dirt & grime are not trapped on the skin.

5. Sleep with a humidifier

Winter air is often very dry, especially with long term heater usage. Running a humidifier overnight can help keep skin, nose and throat moist, which help to prevent waking up with chapped skin or a dry, sore throat. Ideal humidity levels are between 30 – 50%. Make sure to use distilled water and to clean your humidifier often for best results.


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