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There are many purported muscle building and sculpting body treatments on the market. With so many to choose from, why did we finally decide on the Lutronic Accufit device at DSC?

First of all, what IS Accufit?

Accufit is an intelligent electro-muscular stimulation (EMS) device for muscle building and body sculpting. 1x 30-minute session on the abdomen is equivalent to ~67,800 crunches. This means Accufit can work muscles beyond normal capabilities and is therefore suitable for people in any fitness condition. For those new to fitness, Accufit treatments can assist in jumpstarting a lifestyle change or in building strength in weaker muscle groups. For fitness experts, Accufit treatments can target specific muscle groups and work them beyond your limitations, which is great for body sculpting and to target very specific aesthetic goals. Different-sized contacts can treat the abdomen, lower back/flanks, glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, arms, mid-back and lats, and even upper back and traps. Different modes are cycled through per treatment, allowing for varying types of muscle engagement to mimic different exercise movements.

DSC Accufit treatment to the anterior abdomen showing gif of Accufit contacts attached to abdomen


DSC Accufit treatment to glutes gif with Accufit contacts attached to glutes showing glute muscle contraction


For any single treatment area, it is recommended to begin with 4x 30-minute sessions. Visual changes and differences in body composition are assessed 2 weeks after the 4th treatment. This way there is continual monitoring and assessment of progress over time. Treat each 30-minute session once per week for 4 weeks, or twice per week for 2 weeks, with 2-3 days minimum between each session. If the desired outcome has been achieved after the 4th session, 45-minute maintenance sessions can be done once per month/quarter as needed alongside regular exercise. If further improvement is desired after the 4th treatment, additional intervals of 4x 30-minute sessions may be required. Accufit can be done concurrently alongside other body contouring and sculpting treatments, like Coolsculpting, Velashape, or Endermologie LPG M6. Individualized treatment plans can always be tailored by DSC consultants.

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How is Accufit different from other muscle-building devices?

Because Accufit does not use a magnet to generate EMS, it is safe for a wider range of people than devices that use magnetically-generated EMS. Aside from people with pacemakers or those who are currently pregnant, Accufit is generally suitable for all people of all fitness levels. Treatment contacts are paired, which enables bilateral placements that allow for full and sustained muscle contractions. Each pair of contacts encompasses the full “body” of a muscle from insertion to origin, causing comprehensive muscle contraction. There are also large and small contacts, which allows for accurate targeting of specific muscles across varying anatomies. Many different areas of the body can be treated with such adjustable placement and contact size. Accufit also has 3x the power of other devices, which allows for higher levels of energy delivered. This means persons of any fitness condition can be treated.

Accufit is unique in its design wherein subsequent treatments will allow for proper muscle contraction at lower and lower energy levels. With other devices, energy levels must be increased with subsequent treatments in order to progress. This means that treatment energy levels will plateau after a certain point. The treatment energy needed to sustain a proper muscle contraction with Accufit varies based on treatment area as well as fitness condition. Generally, the more muscle mass a person has and the leaner a person is, the less energy is required to sustain proper muscle contraction. Otherwise, higher initial treatment energy may be necessary to properly engage muscle contraction. As muscle mass increases with subsequent, regular treatments, treatment energy to sustain equal muscle engagement should actually decrease.

Contrary to what you may think, an Accufit treatment with higher energy is not necessarily better than one with lower energy. Only enough energy in order to see proper, sustained muscle contraction is necessary. Before treatment begins, your provider will move contacts until proper contraction is visually seen. Tailoring of contact placements is not counted against each 30-minute treatment cycle. Each treatment cycles through different treatment modes. These encompass both linear muscle contraction as well as functional muscle movements, which lends itself to body sculpting as well as increased functional strength.

Functional AND aesthetic benefits

While Accufit is mainly for body sculpting and aesthetic purposes, increasing muscle mass and tone actually has a two-fold benefit. Increasing muscle mass and muscle tone leads to more functional strength with possible therapeutic benefits as well. Increasing core muscle strength lends itself well to overall stability. In many people, it is common for one arm, leg, or side to be stronger than the other. Energy levels can be adjusted on each side to account for this, which allows for bilateral balancing.

For further information or whether you are a candidate for Accufit, please contact us at DSC. We are happy to chat about Accufit or how treatments can help you achieve your aesthetic goals!

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