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LaseMD Ultra is a 1927 nm wavelength, thulium-based laser from Lutronic that has a wide range of benefits, from treating skin pigmentation and rejuvenation to hair loss and acne treatment. This non-ablative, fractionated laser is useful for many different applications because of the depth of treatment, specific wavelength, and outcomes even on higher Fitzpatrick skin types. Fractional lasers have less downtime than fully-ablative lasers because only a certain percentage of skin is targeted, which allows for less downtime and increased treatment comfort. The 1927 nm wavelength is unique because it draws only a mild amount of water, meaning there is less sloughing of treated skin for quick healing.

Skin Rejuvenation and Pigmentation

Treatments with a 1927 nm laser like the LaseMD Ultra improve photodamaged skin and actinic keratoses with minimal downtime. In addition to improving photodamage, treatments can also improve epidermal thickness, melanin index, skin elasticity and wrinkles. Interchangeable treatment tips allows for greater customization of treatments – the roller tip allows for quick treatment over large areas of skin, while the stamping tip allows for localized treatment of stubborn areas. This also pairs very well with Pico laser to treat a variety of pigmentation.



LaseMD Ultra helps to fade post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) that can linger after blemishes by gently resurfacing superficial layers of the skin. Ultra also helps to fight inflammation of active acne, which can help clear active blemishes as well.


Hair Restoration

LaseMD Ultra is a great treatment option for hair restoration treatments as well. Even with surgical intervention, hair requires long-term care in order to preserve existing hair as well as encourage new growth. Treating the scalp with LaseMD Ultra creates microchannels in the skin. These microchannels allow much deeper penetration of topical hair growth solutions and serums. Ultra also has a special treatment tip designed specifically to not snag hair, allowing for easy treatment even if hair is long. Pairing topicals with a treatment like Ultra allows for synergistic hair growth benefits.




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