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If you are looking to enhance your lips with an injectable treatment for the first time, here’s how to choose between a lip flip or lip filler.

Lip Flip

A “lip flip” is done using Botox or other brands of injectable neurotoxins to temporarily prevent the orbicularis oris muscle from pulling the upper lip upward and inward. It’s possible to still smile even after relaxing this muscle because smiling requires the simultaneous cooperation of several muscles; the upper lip simply sits less pulled inward, hence the name lip “flip.” Eversion (flipping upward) of the upper lip makes more of the upper lip visible at rest and also when smiling, creating the appearance of a fuller upper lip. A lip flip does NOT add volume to the lips. it simply changes the way the upper lip sits at rest and how it moves upon smiling.

This treatment is a good option for someone who has a full upper lip that inverts upon smiling or for someone who wants a subtle change to the lips. Results are apparent with only a few units of neurotoxin, but may take a few days up to two weeks to finalize. Because a lip flip is achieved with injected neurotoxins, results usually last 3-4 months.

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Lip Filler

Filler injected to the lips adds volume and thickness to the lips. Dermal fillers volumize; when injected into the lips, the lips appear larger and fuller. If the lips are naturally thin, a lip flip may not have enough of a dramatic effect in the appearance of the lips; filler may need to be injected to plump the lips. Lip filler is immediately apparent, although swelling/bruising may take several days to subside. Depending on brand of filler and metabolism, results can last up to a year. Although both treatments accomplish different goals, they can be done simultaneously to further enhance results.

Restylane Kysse filler injection to the lips before and after

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How to prepare for an injectable lip treatment

Avoid alcohol and smoking cigarettes before treatment because of increased risk of bleeding or bruising. Regular consumption of aspirin thins the blood, which may also lead to increased risk or bruising or bleeding. Treatment must be rescheduled if cold sores are present. It is best to wait a minimum of two weeks after taking antibiotics, getting vaccinations, or after illness to get an injectable treatment.

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