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Introducing our new, 90-minute Meridian “Bojin” Detox Facial! This facial draws from aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine to offer holistic as well as aesthetic benefits.

What is Bojin?


拔筋 or ”Bojin” therapy is a practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In TCM, meridians are pathways along which “Qi” or “life energy,” flows. Meridian lines are also known as acupuncture meridians or acupoints. It is believed in TCM that blockages or imbalances in meridians leads to imbalances or changes in health. Many TCM practices, like acupuncture, are based on these principles. Bojin is a method of unblocking meridian channels using a pointed tool made of stone or carved from horn. This allows for targeted massage to release tension along the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia of the face and neck.

Bojin vs Gua Sha


DSC Bojin Vs Gua Sha Tools Blog Graphic depicting Bojin tool on the left and image of Gua Sha tool on the right with a "vs" graphic in the middle


Bojin is similar in theory to Gua Sha, which utilizes a flat, smooth edged scraper usually made of horn, jade, or stone that can be used on the face, neck, and even back. In the past few years, Gua Sha has exploded in popularity and has made its way into western beauty practices. Traditionally, Gua Sha treatment is characterized by temporary redness after treatment, from which the name is derived (“Sha” refers to the redness that arises after treatment). In contemporary home use, many people use Gua Sha implements to improve circulation and assist in lymphatic drainage in the face and neck. Running the edge of the Gua Sha tool in downward strokes along the face and neck can depuff and contour the lower face and jawline.

The Bojin tool is shaped differently from a Gua Sha, and is notably more pointed. Because of this shape, Bojin is a much more targeted and precise treatment than Gua Sha. Therefore, Bojin allows for tension release in addition to circulation benefits and lymphatic drainage. It is even possible to treat around the eye contour with the smaller end of the Bojin tool. This can help with puffiness around the eye area. Whether or not you believe in the holistic benefits of Bojin, it is undisputed that Bojin is a supremely comfortable and relaxing experience when incorporated into a facial. 

Facial Experience


Our Meridian Bojin Detox Facial is a blissful, ninety-minute experience. The treatment includes cleansing, steaming, and gentle exfoliation to prepare the skin for the Bojin therapy. Using the Bojin tool, our expert aesthetician will massage and relieve tension along the meridian lines of the face and neck. Afterward, a soothing and hydrating mask is applied to the face to plump the skin and lock in hydration. Finishing touches include toner, serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen to protect the skin.


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