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Multiple treatments are used to reduce wrinkles and treat sun damage, fine lines, stretch marks, acne scars, and other skin blemishes, but laser treatment is one of the most effective treatments. Laser treatment is an outpatient procedure that uses concentrated pulsating beams to eliminate different skin concerns and achieve fresher and more radiant skin. It’s effective for all skin types, including Asian skin tones and black skin tones.

5 Reasons Why You Need Laser for Wrinkle Removal in 2023.

The reasons why you need a laser to remove your wrinkles include the following:

1. Stimulation of Collagen Production For New Skin Formation.

During the laser resurfacing treatment, a laser beam is directed toward the outer skin layer to destroy it and, at the same time, heat up the underlying skin layer. This will help stimulate collagen production and helps in forming a new skin layer free of wrinkles and with a smoother skin tone and better texture.

2. Minimized Inflammation.

Laser resurfacing procedures work to prevent wrinkles and minimize inflammation. This is because the treatment induces an anti-inflammatory effect, thus helping reduce inflammation and promote normal cellular functioning.

3. Improve Blood Circulation To the Treatment Area.

It’s proven that laser treatment improves blood circulation in the area of medicine. Your skin gets increased blood flow with laser resurfacing treatments, which means enough nutrients are delivered to the treated area. This will help in healing response and recovery after treatment as well as improve skin health.

4. Minimal Pain Is Involved.

One primary reason why you need a laser for wrinkle removal is the minimal amount of pain involved. Aside from topical numbing cream applied before the treatment, laser treatments for a more youthful appearance aren’t painful. Most of the time, you only need a small amount of pain medication, if required at all. You will only feel some discomfort, and it’s usually tolerable if any pain is experienced.

5. Laser Treatment For Reducing Wrinkles Last Long.

Laser for removing wrinkles is one of the most effective treatments to achieve a more radiant skin appearance. The procedure doesn’t take much time, and it lasts for a very long period. You might need additional treatment once in a while, but on average, laser treatment can keep your skin wrinkle-free and smooth for years.

What You Should Know About Laser Resurfacing Treatment.

The laser resurfacing treatment is a facial cosmetic procedure that involves the application of a low-level laser to get rid of facial wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin texture and tone, and age-related blemishes. Laser skin resurfacing works by promoting the production of new skin cells and increasing the healthy growth of cells. Laser skin resurfacing treatments are of two different types which are:

Ablative laser treatment: In this laser treatment, the laser energy removes the thin skin’s outer layer to expose the inner skin layer and induce collagen production. The outer skin layer regrows and heals over time, becoming lighter and smoother. Ablative laser treatments include carbon dioxide lasers.

Non-ablative laser treatment: It also stimulates collagen production but isn’t as intense as ablative lasers. It treats irregular skin texture, wrinkles, fine lines, acne scarring, and other skin issues. Non-ablative laser treatments include intense pulsed light lasers and pulsed dye lasers.

How To Prepare For The Procedure.

There are certain things you need to do in preparation for laser resurfacing procedures. They include:

  • Avoid sun exposure, tanning beds, and sunbathing two to four weeks before your laser treatment.
  • Avoid taking medications that can increase your likelihood of bruising. These medications include anti-inflammatory drugs and aspirin.
  • Stay away from deep facial peel treatments like deep chemical peels and dermabrasions weeks before your laser treatment.
  • Visit the health professional that will perform your laser treatment before your treatment session for an initial consultation. The practitioner reviews your medical history and conducts a physical assessment, and also educates you on what to expect and aftercare tips.

What To Expect During And After The Procedure.

The things to expect during the laser resurfacing treatment include the following:

  • General anesthesia is used to numb the face when the treatment involves the entire face. Still, local anesthesia is used when the area of medicine is only a fraction of the face.
  • The treatment area is cleaned correctly.
  • After the laser treatment is carried out, a non-stick dressing is applied to the area of medicine for 24 hours.

The things to expect after the laser treatment include:

  • You may experience sore and irritated skin and swell for days after the treatment.
  • The skin sensitivity to the sun increases for up to a year after the treatment.
  • Skin renews over time, and almost perfect skin is achieved with much less noticeable wrinkles, age spots, scarring, and discolorations.

Risks of laser resurfacing treatment.

Generally, there are risks involved in laser treatment, but with non-ablative laser treatment, side effects are less likely and milder than with ablative laser treatment. The risks involved include the following:

  • Redness.
  • Itch.
  • Scarring.
  • Pain.
  • Infection.
  • Swelling.
  • Discoloration.
  • Bleeding.

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