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Through July 11th, 2023, get $30 off your next DiamondGlow facial treatment with Alle!

Alle is the loyalty program from Allergan Aesthetics, the makers of Botox. Earn Alle points each time you get an Alle-eligible treatment, such as Botox, Juvederm fillers, Coolsculpting, DiamondGlow facials, Kybella, or even purchases of SkinMedica or Latisse products. Alle points are redeemable as cash off future Allergan treatments or purchases. As an Alle member, you are also eligible for instant cash savings with Alle offers that can be stacked with earned Alle points for even greater savings. If you are unfamiliar with Alle, click to read more about this free loyalty program.

What Is Alle?

For Q2, Alle is offering $30 instant savings on DiamondGlow facial treatment. DSC Laser & Skin Care Center has been a proud provider of DiamondGlow facial treatments for many years.

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What is DiamondGlow?

Currently, DSC has 3 different DiamondGlow facials. Our Mini DiamondGlow is a 1 hour facial treatment focused on delivering DiamondGlow’s SkinMedica professional grade serums to the face. After cleansing, a DiamondGlow treatment is performed and a mask is applied by our expert aestheticians. This facial ends with skincare finishing touches.

Our most popular DiamondGlow facial is the 2 hour DiamondGlow or SilkPeel facial, which consists of steaming and cleansing and a DiamondGlow treatment. This is followed by ultrasonic infusion of a hydrating ampoule, facial massage, tweezing of stray hairs, and extractions + high frequency treatment if necessary. Finishes with a hydrating collagen mask and skincare.

Our third DiamondGlow facial option is our 2 hour DiamondGlow RF anti-aging facial, wherein cleansing and steaming is followed by a DiamondGlow treatment then radiofrequency treatment to tighten the skin and build collagen. This facial finishes with a graphene iontophoresis mask. Iontophoresis  temporarily opens the plasma membrane of cells, which allows for deeper penetration of mask serum into the skin.

For existing Alle members, check your email or Alle mobile app in order to see if this special deal has already been offered to you. A link to this Alle offer can also be found online with some simple searching. If you are not currently an Alle member, registration is free and quick at www.alle.com. For any further help redeeming this offer, DSC Staff are always happy to assist you with questions or concerns regarding the Alle program.

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