Acne Skin Care

Acne Treatment
There are many internal and external factors that contribute to the growth and recurrence of acne. Overactive oil secretion, hormonal imbalance, accompanied with insufficient cleansing can lead to blockage of skin pores, and formation of acne. To effectively treat acne skin, a thorough skin cleansing habit is necessary, and the selection of appropriate products to use is of high importance.

Along with our wide variety of highly effective facial and dermabrasion services, DSC Laser & Skin Care Center offers additional at-home skin care products to combat acne.

Beauty Souffle
A powerful pH balance facial cleanser recommended for normal to oily and problem skin. It is highly effective on blemished skin. It instantly softens the tap water, dissolving the heavy sebum, which usually clogs blemished pores.

Beauty Astringent
This is a very effective astringent and toner for blemished and very oily skin. It fights bacteria, reduces sebaceous gland secretion and helps to dry up blemishes.

Acne Control Lotion
Acne control lotion is highly effective, and recommended only for the very oily and blemished skin types. Containing Vitamin B Complex, it helps to normalize the pH balance of the skin and regulate oil gland secretion.

Elegant C
Smooth fine facial lines, firm skin, reduce redness and improve uneven skin color with this no-sting, prolonged action Vitamin C concentrate special formulated with Vitamin A and E, ideal for normal to oily skin type.

Acne Cover Cream
This product helps to dry and heal blemishes and pimples. Acne cover cream is lightly tinted for camouflage purpose.