What are facials?
Facials are noninvasive, cosmetic procedures that can improve the appearance, tone, and texture of your face with even one treatment.

How do facials work?
By using a variety of products and techniques uniquely designed to match your skin’s specific needs, facials can remove dead skin cells, debris, and other contaminants that can leave skin looking dull and mottled. By improving circulation, your complexion can appear clearer and more radiant, and in some cases, specific conditions such as mild non-inflammatory acne and severely dry or oily skin can be successfully treated when facials are repeated regularly.

What areas of the body do facials treat?
Facials and the products they use have been specifically designed to treat the delicate skin of the face and neck. However, there are similar products and treatments geared specifically to treat other areas, including the hands, neck, chest, and shoulders.

What are the advantages of facials over other similar treatments?
Facials are relaxing and soothing, and do not involve discomfort or recovery time that may be associated with other procedures. Facials can be used on nearly all skin types at nearly all ages, and can be used to complement more expensive procedures to extend the results of those procedures.

How often should facials be performed?
Because the results of facials are temporary, to achieve the most consistent results and the most benefits, they should be performed every few weeks. Most clinicians recommend undergoing a facial about once a month.

DSC Facial Services
DSC Laser & Skin Care center offers a wide variety of facial services to tailor people of all ages, skin types and conditions. Speak with our consultant to determine the best facial treatment for you.

Mini Plain Facial
First time introduction experience. The 45 minutes treatment will have all the steps of a plain facial and a regular mask.

Deluxe Facial
A full facial treatment from the chest upward. Rich in minerals, our special treatment includes deep cleansing, ozone steaming, aromatic massage around shoulders, neck, and face. Aroma scrub to remove impurities, pore extraction, nourishing mask and moisturization.

Acne Facial
Antiseptic calms sebaceous secretions and irritations and purifies skins. Providing anti-bacteria protections, includes skin rubbing, oxygen ozone steam, high frequency, pore extraction, mineral sulfur mask and acne lotion.

Collagen Facial
Super re-hydration treatment using freeze dried collagen sheet to firm, tone, moisturize and restore skin to its optimum level of hydration. Steps as Deluxe Facial, and finish with pure collagen mask.

AHA Lightening Facial
A non-chemical AHA peel to help lighten up brown spots, and pigmentation from acne scars or sun damage skins. This treatment includes all the steps in Deluxe Facial, and finishes with a bleaching mask.

Oxyjet Facial
Using purified oxygen, nutrients are brought to inner layers of the skin to yield more effective results in both advance and basic skin care, particularly in skin rejuvenation, pigment, blemish and wrinkle control. Face Treatment (60 min) Face & Neck Treatment (90 min)

Walmy Facial & Slimming/Firming of the Face
The Powerful Italian “WALMY” improves cellulite, fluid retention, and stubborn fatty areas, particularly on the thighs and buttocks area. “WALMY” achieves rapid inch reduction as it helps to contour and firm underlying muscle and detoxify surrounding lymph vessels. Walmy can be used to treat the face, chin, abdomen, thigh, leg, and/or arm.

Bio Lift
Using the four functions of soft peeling, sonicwave, vacuum, and colors, Bio Lift decomposes impurities, hydrates the skin, removes wrinkles, and much more. It can ease acne, weaken freckles, sharpen the face, relieve tiredness, and most importantly, produce an anti-aging effect.

Medical Depigmentation Treatment
The depigmentation treatment is a dynamic process that clears away anti-aesthetic skin blemishes and recovers the youthfulness of the skin. This treatment is appropriate for all skin types, and the blemishes reduce up to 95%.

I’m interested. What do I do next?
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