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Valmont Cosmetics offers many assorted skincare sets. Oftentimes these sets can be better value than purchasing Valmont products individually. Keep reading to see the Valmont skincare sets that DSC has to offer! If you are unfamiliar with Valmont Cosmetics, click to read more about this ultra-luxe Swiss skincare brand.

What is Valmont Cosmetics?

Valmont Energize Me! Set

Valmont Energize Me! Set product contents overlaying a sparkling gold background with the text "DSC Laser & Skin Care Center" in english & chinese at the top, Valmont logo to the left, set contents to the left: Prime Renewing Pack full size, Prime B Cellular full size, Prime 24 Hour 15mL , Prime Contour 5mL, and the text: "Valmont Energize Me! Set with a full size Prime Renewing Pack, full size Prime B Cellular Serum, deluxe travel size Prime 24 Hour, & a deluxe travel size Prime Contour now available for $350 (total value of $615)" below the product set

Valmont Prime 24 Hour Loves You Set

Valmont Prime 24 Hour Loves You Set image overlaying pink sparkly background with the text "DSC Laser & Skin Care Center" in english and chinese above the set, Valmont logo to the left of the set, set contents: "Prime 24 Hour 30mL, Prime Renewing Pack 15mL, Prime B Cellular 5mL, Prime Contour 5mL" and the text, "Valmont 24 Hour Loves You Set with a 30mL Prime 24 Hour, deluxe travel size Prime Renewing Pack, deluxe travel size Prime B Cellular, & a deluxe travel size Prime Contour now available for $180 (total value of $296)" below the set

The Valmont Prime 24 Hour Loves You set is a beautiful travel-sized set featuring the Valmont Energizing line in a gorgeous blush-pink case adorned with golden butterflies. While a full-size Prime 24 Hour cream is 50mL, this set features a 30mL Prime 24 Hour cream, perfect for travel by plane. This set also includes deluxe travel sizes of: the Prime Renewing Pack, Valmont’s best-selling product, Prime B Cellular serum, & Prime Contour, a cream that targets lines around the eyes and mouth.

Valmont Medispa Set

Valmont Medispa Set image overlaid on flower background with the text "In Stock Now" above the set, the text "Valued at $805" and "Availble for $565 + tax" to the left and set contents to the right of the set "75 ml Fluid Falls, 75 ml Vital Falls, 150 ml Primary Veil, 15 ml Primary Pomade, 30 ml Primary Serum, 20 ml Moisturizing Booster, 35g Regenerating Mask Treatment

The Valmont Medispa Set is a great post-procedure set after non-ablative treatments like Thermage or Ultherapy. A full-size Primary Veil (for probiotic rebalance), Primary Serum (soothes skin), and Moisturizing Booster (concentrated hyaluronic acid serum) are included in the set. Deluxe travel sizes of the Fluid Falls cleanser, Vital Falls toner, and Primary Pomade are included as well. This set also features a sumptuous Regenerating Mask Treatment for the face – a collagen mask that revitalizes the skin.

Valmont Advent Calendar 2022 Set

Valmont Cosmetics 2022 advent calendar gif carousel to show skincare product packaging and contents gif carousel

The 2022 Valmont Holiday Advent Calendar features 12 doors, behind which hide a variety of exciting Valmont products. Get a full-sized Prime Renewing Pack, and a variety of items from Valmont Cosmetics, Valmont’s premier line Elixir d’Glaciers, as well as scents from Storie Veneziane.

Detailed Advent Calendar Contents

Valmont sets are highly limited and available exclusively in-store at DSC. If you are interested in purchasing Valmont and do not live locally, DSC is happy to assist with shipping. For information on availability or shipping, please give us a call!

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