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Refresh and invigorate tired eyes with the all-new Valmont DetO2x Eye cream! Part of the DetO2x family, this eye cream is a joyfully refreshing oxygen boost designed to reduce dark circles and restore radiance to tired-looking eyes. Created from Swiss apple stem cells, the DetO2x range uses avant-garde DetO2x technology to quickly deliver our O2 Complex directly to the cells, while the airy and sparkling texture provides a fresh and unique sensory experience.

A bubbly, foamy texture will form on the surface of the eye cream. Use the included eye cream applicator to gently scoop the top layer of foamy product and gently pat into eye area, taking care not to rub too hard and breaking up the product too much. This ensures retention of the eye cream’s lovely oxygenating properties. Overnight, the bubbly texture will reform at the surface of the cream, ensuring future use.

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DetO2x Line

The DetO2x line from Valmont Cosmetics also includes the DetO2x Cream and the DetO2x Pack, both of which reinvigorate and oxygenate tired skin. Perfect for use after travelling, on stressed skin, or to refresh skin in an urban environment. DetO2x Cream is like a breath of fresh air that plumps and revitalizes skin with O2 Complex, Valmont’s signature Triple DNA, and Swiss apple stem cells. O2 Complex oxygenates and diminishes CO2 from skin while plumping and smoothing the skin. Triple DNA offers supreme hydration with its ability to bind to 10,000x its weight in water. Triple DNA also offers cell renewal properties, antioxidant properties, as well as anti-UVB properties. These effects combine to make Triple DNA a potent anti-aging ingredient. Swiss apple stem cells stimulate cell renewal by increasing EGF, epidermal growth factors.

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DetO2x Pack is an oxygenating mask that comes in a pack of 6 capsules, with each being like a shot of pure oxygen for the skin. This mask detoxifies and strips the skin of urban pollution, tobacco smoke, and other oxidizing aggressors. DetO2x Pack contains double the O2 Complex, Swiss apple stem cells, as well as Swiss watercress for deep cleansing properties. Whenever your skin needs a boost of oxygen, apply the contents of one pod to your neck and face avoiding the eyes, mouth and nostrils. You will feel a delightful tickling sensation as the mask lathers up and the active ingredients go to work. After 7 – 10 minutes, massage your face and neck gently then rinse off the excess foam with water or a damp tissue. The activation of the mousse may cause a slight sensation of tingling and/or moderate redness.

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Valmont products are available exclusively in store at DSC Laser & Skin Care Center. As an introductory offer, purchases of this all-new Valmont eye cream include a set of beautiful, gold-filled chilling eye bubblers. These are perfect to keep in the fridge to depuff and invigorate the eyes and face.

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