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Introducing the new Balancing Cleansing Emulsion from ZO Skin Health! Balancing Cleansing Emulsion is a clinically proven, conditioning gel-to-milk cleanser that supports the protective skin barrier leaving sensitized + post treatment skin soothed, supple and strong. Fragrance-, dye- and sulfate-free. This cleanser provides calming benefits for all skin types, including sensitized and post-treatment skin. Upon activation with water, gel transforms into a milky fluid, rinsing clean with no residue. The creamy gel melts on contact with skin to lift oil and impurities while protecting skin’s barrier.

Key ingredients in this cleanser: Light Emollients, Sugar-Derived Emulsifying Surfactants, and Bisabolol + Oat Kernel Extract. Included emollients are a skin-mimetic blend that conditions + supports the lipid barrier to deliver a supple, comfortable cleanse. The surfactants used in this emulsifying cleanser are ultra mild, non-foaming cleansers with a light feel that lift oil + impurities without disrupting the skin barrier. Bisabolol and Oat Kernal Extract are powerful soothers that help to visibly calm reddened + itchy skin and mitigate reactivity.

Directions for Use:

Apply to dry skin AM + PM.  Massage around face + eyes.
Gel formula will begin to melt on contact and dissolve makeup + impurities.
Apply water to transform the cleanser into an easy-to-rinse milky emulsion. Rinse thoroughly.

To ensure thorough removal of heavy makeup or tenacious sunscreen on non-sensitized skin, Balancing Cleansing Emulsion can be used as a pre-cleanse followed by a water-soluble cleanser such as the ZO Gentle Cleanser, ZO Exfoliating Cleanser or ZO Hydrating Cleanser.


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