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All month long, win big with Valmont Cosmetics and our “Spin to Win” offer! A special offer exclusive to DSC, “Spin to Win” is our November 2023 Valmont lucky draw game! With each purchase of Valmont skincare products, get a chance to spin for exclusive Valmont swag and deluxe Valmont samples. Get one chance to spin with a $500 purchase. With a $800 purchase, get two chances to spin! For purchases above $800+, get 3 chances! Each spin comes with a guaranteed prize.


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For over 35 years, Valmont has perpetuated the unique expertise of Swiss cellular cosmetics to offer astonishingly effective anti-aging treatments for age-defying beauty. Valmont’s vision is inspired by one simple belief: that the true secret to lasting beauty is natural, healthy and glowing skin. Guided by this principle, Valmont has leveraged science, medicine, nature and art to develop anti-aging solutions that target the skin on a cellular level, altering their properties and stimulating immediate and long-lasting results. Through proprietary ingredients – DNA and RNA – coupled with nature’s rarest ingredients from the peaks of the Alpine glaciers to the depths of the ocean, Valmont’s products help everyone reveal their inner radiance – and unlock lasting, youthful beauty.

Valmont Cosmetics is available for purchase in store at DSC Laser & Skin Care Center. If you would like to experience the exclusive world of Valmont Spa, feel free to schedule your Valmont Ritual with DSC today. The Valmont world of spa is a living testimonial to 35 years of skin cell and tissue research and development. Professional treatments that exemplify our aesthetic expertise and medical tradition passed down from the Valmont Clinic through the generations.

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