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Dealing with acne is one thing; dealing with the scarring it leaves behind is quite another. This occurrence happens in an individual in several ways, but believe me when I say that coping with severe acne scars limits a person’s confidence and damages the entire skin area.

Acne scars develop from the breakout that destroys the tissues beneath the skin after deep penetration. However, acne scar treatments will effectively eliminate and reduce scars that leave your skin hyperpigmentation.

There is no one best approach to treating acne scars because several treatment choices are accessible, and the best one is chosen after a detailed evaluation. So, suppose you are battling severe acne issues that won’t disappear after using various products. In that case, it’s best to have a professional dermatologist handle your skincare and restore your youthful skin tone.

DSC Laser & Skin Care Center in Los Angeles provides several treatments to help acne scars look less noticeable and also informs you of the benefits of undergoing this treatment.

During a thorough consultation, our skilled skincare professionals will evaluate your skin type to ascertain the extent and severity of any scars, your skin texture, and the general health condition of your skin, among other things.

Why Do I Need Acne Scar Treatment?

Even though you may have had multiple acne treatments, many blemishes persist on your skin for a long time, even after the breakout has stopped. Firstly, you need to understand that there are different kinds of acne scars, and whichever acne scarring you’re dealing with will determine the best treatment you will receive.

For instance, before procedures like micro-needling, peels, and lasers, most darker skin tones will be prepped with bleaching cream containing 4 percent hydroquinone because they have an increased risk of pigmentation and scarring when being recommended for deep skin laser treatment.

Pitted acne scars and red pigmentation spots can remain for months or even years, but you can utilize tricks to get your skin tone back to being even and bright. So, if you consider having even-toned skin free from blemishes and scars, acne treatment might be your best option.

1. It Improves Your Appearance

Your pores become clogged by oil, debris, and dead skin cells on the top layer of the skin, which leads to breakouts or minor localized infections. Acne scar treatments help to eliminate bacteria and remove extra oil that causes acne. And this gives rise to clear glass skin you can ever boast of having.

2. It enhances Self-esteem and Confidence

People with acne frequently struggle to interact with their friends and loved ones socially. This is because they feel unsightly ashamed or self-conscious due to their acne problem.

Early treatment of acne scars will help you regain confidence and stop this issue from happening. Welcome our acne scar treatment and relate freely with your friends.

3. An Easy Method To Treat Wrinkles

Skin imperfections and wrinkles on the face brought on by acne or sun damage are reduced with laser skin resurfacing. Sections of your skin are exposed to brief, intense, and pulsating beams of light using laser technology.

We advise that if you have active acne, wait until it has been effectively managed before you get laser treatment.

4. It Has A Rare Side Effect

As an acute laser skin resurfacing injury heals, several side effects will be evident, encouraging the formation of healthy, scar-free skin. The extent to which you experience this effect will depend on the harshness of the laser used.

If you want the best chance of escaping this issue, ensure you choose a skilled, reputable skin therapist like DSC Laser & Skin Care Center to treat you.

5. Promotion Of Better Skin Health

The collagen beneath the skin that has scarring receives heat from a laser. This depends on the body’s natural ability to respond to wounds in order to produce fresh, healthy collagen. This promotes the development of a new epidermis to replace and restore your skin health.

Types Of Acne Scars

Scars can be classified as either atrophic or hypertrophic based on the degree of net loss or gain of collagen. We distinguish between the diverse types because some treatment options are more effective on certain types of scars than others.

1. Atrophic Scars

This particular type of acne is known as a shallow depression that heals beneath the epidermis of the skin. The most prevalent cause of this scar is severe cystic acne. The likelihood of scarred skin might also be increased by picking or altering acne lesions.

Although, other forms of acne can still contribute to them. However, there are three sub-divided types of this acne (ice pick scars, boxcar scars, and rolling acne scars).

  • Ice pick scars – These are smaller, slender pores that radiate from the skin’s surface. They are quite common on the cheeks. They are challenging to treat and frequently call for intensive and persistent therapy.
  • Boxcar scars – This type of scar is an aftereffect of severe acne inflammation. They are shallow and oval-shaped yet with noticeable skin depressions. They are frequently found on the lower cheekbones and jaw, where the skin is somewhat thick.
  • Rolling acne scars – What characterizes rolling scars is their deep depression and rounded edges. They are somewhat similar to Boxcar in appearance. Their most prevalent area is the cheek.

2. Hypertrophic Or Keloid Scars

When acne scars heal, the body’s collagen production increases, causing a mass of thickened tissue to form on the top layer of the skin. Hypertrophic and keloid scars in nature are more prevalent on the shoulders, back, chest, and jawline. This kind of scarring is more common in those with darker skin tones.

However, ensure you visit a dermatologist if you want to know what kind of acne scarring you have. It’s also crucial to remember that before you treat acne scars, it’s ideal to wait until your acne is entirely under control before going ahead with the treatment.


DSC Laser & Skin Care Center will identify the type of acne scar you have and give appropriate therapies based on the preference and area of the scarring. Remember that treatment delay makes acne scar more severe. Request a free consultation today and start your journey to radiant skin ever.